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How to do When iPhone 7 Backups can’t Restore to the old iPhone?

When you accidentally lose your iPhone 7 or other situation, you want to restore your iTune or iCloud backup to your old iPhone. You will encounter a problem or an issue that iPhone 7 backups cannot restore to older iPhone, sometimes you get worried and frustrated after many attempts to recover vital you backed up from iPhone 7 to your older version.

There are two situations that your iPhone 7 can't restore to the old iPhone.

Normally iPhone supposed to restore backup from one iPhone to the other like an android, but this is not always so because of different iPhone versions, iOS Version of iPhone 7 Is Older than iOS Version which Made iCloud Backup, iTunes Backup is Corrupt and Incompatible, iPhone 7 Can't Restore Backup from iCloud Because of Network and Unfinished Restore.

For iPhone to back up from 7 to older, the older must have the same iOS as the new iPhone 7. For example, if you backup your data on a device using iOS 10 and want to restore a device using iOS 9, to do this successfully you would have to update that device to iOS 10 first. A backup can only be restored onto a phone running the same, or a newer, version of iOS.

The best thing to do is to know the iOS in the iPhone 7 which of course is the highest version. Then keep your old iPhone iOS version is the same as the iPhone 7 backup.

If your iPhone 7 backup from iTunes

• Backup your old iPhone to iTunes or iCloud.

• Then update the old iPhone to the iPhone 7 iOS version.

• Connect your old iPhone with the computer and run iTunes.

• Find your iPhone in iTunes and click "Restore Backup..."

• Choose your iPhone 7 backup and contine

• The restoring will start, and your iPhone 7 backup data will display in your old iPhone after the process has completed.

If your iPhone 7 backup from iCloud, it will a little different from iTunes.

• Backup your old iPhone to iTunes or iCloud.

• Update the old iPhone to the iPhone 7 iOS version.

• Then Reset the old iPhone. Settings --> General --> Erase All Content and Settings.

• When the reset operation is complete, your iPhone will reboot, you will start reset iPhone settings, Choose "Restore from iCloud".

• Choose your iPhone 7 backup and continue

• The restoring will start, and your iPhone 7 backup data will display in your old iPhone after the process has completed.

But if your old phone can't update to the latest iOS 10 system for some reasons, may be it's an iPhone 4s. or the iPhone 7's iCloud or iTunes backup is corrupt and incompatible, what should we do?

Let me explain how you can use Data Recovery for iPhone to restore backup to iPhone, the program fixes various issues in iOS, including iPhone won’t restore problems! But the most exciting part about it is that it does all this without any sort of data loss. So you can fix your device without any fear of losing your data.

This application is super powerful as it fixes all kinds of iOS system issues the iPhone won't restore, iPhone deleted data, corrupt iTunes backup, etc. Steps to fix iPhone backup not restoring with Data Recovery for iPhone

Step 1. Download Data Recovery for iPhone

download data recovery for iPhone for Mac

Step 2. Run Data Recovery for iPhone and choose from iTunes Backup

Your iPhone 7 backup will be displayed in the list view. If the corrupt iTunes backup is not listed here, click "Select" button to import it.

Step 3. Extract and restore data from iPhone 7 backup

After scanning, you will find all found data will be showed below. You can any tab to preview the detailed of your files. Just choose those data you want and click "Recover" button to save them on your computer.

Step 4. Transfer the saved data to your old iPhone

You can transfer your data to your iPhone via iTunes on your computer, and your device's manufacture provides synching software.

1. Connect your device to your computer using USB cable;

2. Transfer your data to your computer using your mobile device manufacture's sync software;

3. Sync your iPhone using iTunes.

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