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How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

The iPhone users often buy the wonderful videos which are available on the Apple Store. However, the videos can often get deleted accidentally when someone touches the screen in the unlocked position. The iPhone can also suffer from serious consequences in situations like jailbreak, iDevice damage, and iOS update. The users often panic in such situations and cannot determine the possible way out. If you have experienced such problems then you should stop worrying. Data Recovery for iPhone is a wonderful app from Fireebok which can help you out in retrieving those deleted videos. This easy-to-use app is appropriate for both the professional users and the novice users. You can download the app from the developer’s website. The app is compatible with both the Mac and Windows devices.

You can retrieve the deleted videos without any issues

This unique data recovery app has the ability to automatically store the iTunes backup files. The list of backups contains the serial number on the computer, previous backup date, and the device name. This list allows you to choose those backup files which you wish to scan. Therefore, Data Recovery for iPhone provides you with an efficient data recovery app which comes handy in difficult situations such as restoring the factory settings, updating the iOS software, jailbreak, iDevice damage, and restoring accidentally deleted data. With Data Recovery for iPhone, the recovery takes few seconds to complete.

The app provides User-friendly Interface

The deleted files and the backed up files can be easily differentiated because they are marked with different colors. To view those files which are deleted or lost, you need to check a box called “only display deleted files”. This will provide you with the deleted files and exclude the backed up files. There is another option which allows you to preview those files only which has to be recovered.

The app supports all Devices which run on iOS

Data Recovery for iPhone not only retrieves deleted videos but also other file types like message or social media attachments, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, reminders, calendars, call history, notes, photos, contacts, and SMS. The app can provide support for iPod touch 4, iPad 4, iPad 1/2, the new iPad, iPad Air, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S/5C. The iOS versions that are supported by this app are iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, and iOS 4.

You can sync the recovered files with the computer with just a single click and can save those files.

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