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How to recover the delete Viber calls and messages?

Viber is a network call software. The biggest feature is that users do not need to open the application can directly call the Viber phone. VoIP first released a version on the iPhone.

Many people have ever installed Skype and so on network voice chat tool on the phone, but unfortunately, many of them can only be in the high-speed WiFi or 3G network in order to achieve a smooth call.

Viber, it is totally free, cross platform support for iOS and Android and windows PHONE 7.8 or windows PHONE8 of the mobile phone network of free calls and send text messages. The biggest bright function is even under the mobile GPRS network, it would still be able to smooth and clear calls.

Because of some unexpected situations, some of the important calls or messages in your Viber, have been accidentally deleted. What should you do? Here is the solution to fix this problem.

The new version of the Data Recovery for iPhone has added the Viber Recovery function. It supports the recovery of the deleted call history and messages on Viber app.

Step 1: Download Data Recovery for iPhone demo version. It's free to scan and preview.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with your computer via USB cable

Step 3: Run Data Recovery for iPhone, you can select to recover from iOS device or iTunes/iCloud backup

Step 4: After the scanning has completed, choose "Third Party Apps" section.

Step 5: Click Viber Messages Recovery to scan.

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