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How to Restore Your Old and Deleted Call History on iPhones

Did you mistakenly deleted the call log on your iPhone? It could be annoying especially if you had valuable contacts that you forgot to save. Well, you can still retrieve them.

As a matter of fact, you can do so in three easy ways. You can recover your old call history on your iPhone directly, via iTunes or iCloud backup. All you need is a professional iPhone recovery software to help you get the call logs back. Data Recovery for iPhone is an iPhone Data Recovery software that can do the magic.

Recover deleted recent calls on iPhone directly:

You obviously deleted your call history accidently and may not have backed up your iPhone before the time. There's no need to worry; you can retrieve your call history with the following steps.

Step 1. Download and run Data Recovery for iPhone.

Step 2. Connect our iPhone and scan it

You can recover your call history by connecting the iPhone to your computer. Afterward, run the Data Recovery for iPhone program and, from the opening screen, choose 'Recover from iOS Devices.' Click on the 'Start Scan' to begin to look for the lost call history. You can choose just what you want to recover here.

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted call history from iPhone

As soon as the scan is over, it will present all the recoverable data which has been found including call logs, contacts, photos, videos, messages, etc. You can preview and tick all the items you want to recover. Click on the ‘Recover' to save them all to your computer.

Recover deleted call logs via iTunes Backup

Another way to retrieve your call history is via iTunes backup. With iTunes. You do not have the choice of selecting what you want to retrieve. All backups from iTunes will contain records off calls made until the time of the backup. If you restore the backup from iTunes, it will overwrite the already existing data on the phone.

However, with Data Recovery for iPhone, you can select what you want to back up, and your existing data will not overwrite.

Step 1. Choose and extract iTunes backup file

With automatic synchronization enabled, you do not need to connect your iPhone to the computer. Just launch the Data Recovery for iPhone program on your computer and choose 'Recover from iTunes Backup Files.' You will see all your iTunes backup data on your computer in a list. Select the right ones you want to extract, and click 'Start Scan.'

Step 2. Preview and recover

In a few seconds, Data Recovery for iPhone will retrieve the backup. Once done, you can now preview all the contents and choose the 'Call History' menu. You should find it on the left side. You can read your phone call history one by one and tick the item you want to keep. Click on the 'Recover’ button to save it on your computer.

Recover deleted call history on iPhone through iCloud backup

iCloud functions just like iTunes.

Step 1. Run the program and sign in your iCloud

The online iCloud backup can be accessed by signing in to your account with the Apple ID and password. Run Data Recovery for iPhone and switch to them 'Recover from iCloud Backup Files’ mode.

Step 2. Download and scan the iCloud backup

After logging into your iCloud account, Data Recovery for iPhone will detect all existing backup files. Choose ‘Call History' and click on 'Download.'

Step 3. Preview and retrieve deleted calls

Click the 'Scan’ button to continue, after downloading. You can preview the content of the backup file in detail when the scan is completed. Examine all items one by one and tick the item you want to recover to your iPhone.

As you can see, it is possible to recover your old and deleted call history on iPhones using iCloud, iTunes or even directly on your computer.

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