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Should your iPhone be upgraded to the latest iOS 12 version?

Every time iOS releases an update, I will update my iPhone to the latest iOS version as soon as possible. Sometimes I also encounter bugs in various new versions. Many people worry that the iPhone will become slow down or the iPhone loses power quickly, as well as other unknown issues with the new iOS version. Since iOS 12.1 has been released for more than two months, we have learned about each new feature through various news, so there is not much negative news about iOS 12. So should your iPhone be upgraded to the latest iOS 12 version? If you are faced with the same concerns and concerns, this article will give the answer.

1. Which iPhone devices does iOS 12 serve?

As iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR released, iOS 12 also follows the release. Don't doubt that it is first prepared for new iPhone device services. Although iOS 12 is compatible with iPhone 5s and later. But if your iPhone become slowly with the old iOS version, you can have a try with the new iOS version.

2. Which apps do you usually use on the iPhone?

Why do we like the iPhone? An important reason, because we like apps on the iPhone. Every user has some favorite apps on their iPhone. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the application works properly after the iOS update. We need to check if they have released a new version of iOS 12 in the AppStore.

3. iOS 12 CPU speed and battery life comparison iOS 11

While some youtube users tested iPhone 8 and iPhone X on iOS 11 and iOS 12, the results showed that iOS 12 was faster than iOS 11. But different iPhone installed the different apps, and different iPhone user has the different usage habits. These factors may affect the test results, so it's hard to say that iOS 12 is faster on every iPhone after the update.

4. How to update to latest iOS 12 version

First, you need to back up your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud to avoid losing iPhone data. No one can guarantee that your iPhone will turn on after the screen turns black. If this happens to your iPhone, iPhone data recovery will help save your lost iPhone data.

There are two ways to update your iPhone to iOS 12:

1. Update iPhone to iOS 12 with Wifi. Make sure your iPhone has connected to internet with Wifi. Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update

2. Update iPhone to iOS 12 iOS 12 using iTunes. Connect your iPhone with the computer by USB cable. Open iTunes and select your device, and Check for Update.

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