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Top 3 reasons iPhone XS Max can't backup to computer

Usually, we use two ways to backup iPhone data: iTunes and iCloud. But more and more iPhone XS Max users feedback that they can't backup with iTunes for some reasons. As the latest iPhone, take the latest iOS and hardware devices. What's the reason? If you are facing the same issue, this article will help you.

1. Check the USB cable and Trust the computer on iPhone

You can have a try to unplug/reconnect your iPhone and check again, and change another usb cable. Ensure "Trust this computer" on iPhone when you first connect it with the computer.

2. Free storage of computer is not enough

If you are using iPhone XS Max with 256GB or 512GB, this issue may happen to you. When some the macbook Air and macbook with SSD storage is 128GB, 256GB, 512GB. It means that iPhone storage is larger than your computer. When you backup iPhone the computer with iTunes, it will say there's no enough disk space when you try to backup your device. free some space on your Mac.

Check the storage usage on your Mac. Choose About This Mac from the Apple () menu, then click Storage.

Have a try to delete some large files, or delete the download files in /~Download . Or use the Mac Clean up tool to free up the storage.

3. iTunes version is not compatible with iPhone devices

From Apple documents, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max require a Mac running at least OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 or later and iTunes 12.8 or later to sync and back up with iTunes. Please check your OS version and iTunes version on the computer. If you connect new iPhone XS with the computer installed the old OS and iTunes, you might see a message that says "iTunes could not connect to this [device]. You do not have permission."

Install the new iTunes on the computer

Download the latest 12.8 version for Mac and 12.9 version for Windows OS. The new version will over current iTunes installation.

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